Choose "THE-MA" for adhesive tapes, dies, foams, adhesives and rubbers





Tapes adhesives and glues


Dispenser and converter of mono adhesive tapes with different supports: plastic, metal, polyester, fiberglass, protective and bumpon. Double-sided adhesive tapes: transfer without support or with polyester support, polyethylene, polyurethane, acrylic foam, VHB and coupled with Dual Lock. Adhesives: structural single-component and bi-component, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, sealant, neoprene-based, cyanoacrylates, solvent and aqueous dispersion-based, hot-melting and spray.


Cutting and die-cutting


Cuts on single and double-sided adhesive tapes, rubber, foams, felts, corks and velvet. Die-cutting according to customer drawing even with very low tolerances and on all kinds of materials. Shaped pieces can be provided on roll, sheets with 1 or more pieces or individual pieces. The use of the cutter plotter with no die allows large drawings to be carried out.


Adhesive fixing


Rolling, coupling and adhesive treatment are activities that can be carried out on a variety of supports such as PVC, felts, rubber, foams, corks, velvet, with adhesive tapes, all double-sided adhesives or siliconized protective paper. We make sheets of coupled material of all sizes on request.


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